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Psychological Counselling

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  Tip toe if you must, but take the step"

Your story, your pain, and your collection of struggles are unique to you. There is no one-size fits all approach to therapy. Together we will spend time understanding exactly what you are experiencing, and why, so that when you start making changes that improve your life, they will stick. In your therapy sessions, we’ll work together to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behaviour. I will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. I’m confident you’ll find my personalised counselling sessions beneficial and inspirational.

Presenting for therapy doesn't mean you have a chronic mental illness.  Research shows us that about 3 million Australians experience a form of depression or anxiety at any one time.  For many of those their period of psychological distress can be understood and managed through appropriate therapeutic intervention.   Seeking assistance can provide you with the necessary tools to manage and overcome your feelings of despair.  

In cases where there is a significant diagnosis (for example,  major depressive disorder, generalised anxiety or other long term mental illness)  seeking therapy provides an opportunity for you to work collaboratively with you therapist and GP/psychiatrist to ensure an optimum outcome for you.  


Make an appointment now if you feel you may be suffering from any of the following :

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • grief and loss

  • trauma

At psychology on main the focus is your well being as you begin to embrace your brighter tomorrow.



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