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Life Change

Finding Perspective

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"By changing nothing, nothing changes"

- Tony Robbins

In a society of super complexity, change is the new normal.  People seek life change counselling when they reach a "natural" crossroad.  Changes we all encounter might include:

  • getting married

  • having children

  • buying a house

  • choosing a school or university

  • career choice

  • new employment opportunities

  • what to do in retirement


Major life changes often lead to stress, and stress often leads to agitation or angry outbursts. Stress also causes unhappiness and, if left unresolved, can have serious health consequences. In situations of significant life change, counselling can help you contain your stress and find perspective. It may also be able to help you develop a stress and life event plan to help you work toward the future that you desire and want for yourself.

With respect to career choice it's easy to feel confused when it comes to what type of path to choose. With so many choices in jobs today, career counselling can be a step in the right direction as far as pinpointing what course of study or career to focus on. Having a professional  assist can lead  you to 

  • understanding your strengths and weaknesses 

  • making better choices for career development according to your interests

  • appropriate goal setting for better employment results

To retire from working life is one of the most difficult changes and transitions in life. Many people do not think that leaving the working week behind them and getting ultimate freedom will be a problem.  Seeking support in your pre-retirement can 

assist you in -

  • becoming more conscious of your strengths and competencies to assist you in  continually developing and using them as long as possible

  • being better prepared to find your own goals and ways, both in the last part of your professional career on the job and in the years beyond 

  • being able to see through traditional images and stereotypes on ageing and retirement so that your new life is not predicted by outdated prejudices

  • being able to create your own tailor-made way to a meaningful and fulfilling life in the third age

Whatever your stage of life, speaking with an experienced counsellor can help bring perspective in an otherwise confusing transition.



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