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"Even if you are not physically stronger than a power that wants to destroy you, it won’t destroy you as long as you are psychologically stronger than it! The power of perseverance is above everything!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

The global impact of COVID-19 is profound, and the threat it presented for our mental health both during and after the crisis remains of great concern to all.  Accordingly Psychology on Main is now providing Telehealth:

Clients are able to nominate a preference for telehealth sessions through either their online booking or in conversation with the off-site reception service.


Using telehealth counselling and telephone counselling limits the exposure of clients to the coronavirus and supports any ongoing self-isolation and quarantine policies that will limit its spread in the community.  It also helps ensure  people with mental health problems who find it difficult to access face to face therapy can commence and continue their therapy online.


As part of the Australian Government's response to COVID-19 new telehealth items were introduced under Medicare to ensure continued access to essential health services for all Australians.  Subsequently it was decided that all Medicare eligible Australians could continue to receive the new telehealth services.  The items are now available as a substitute for current face-to-face consultations.


Psychology on Main is equipped to provide services under the new provisions.  If you have seen your GP and have been provided with a Mental Health Care Plan under the new provisions you can elect to have telehealth consultations when you make a booking.  


It would be a privilege to help you develop the tools you need to cope with all of life’s challenges. If you are looking for a psychologist in Samford contact me today to learn more and book a session.

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