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Sharyn Ferris


Sharyn Ferris, Samford Psychologist, very experienced

Samford Psychologist Sharyn Ferris is a graduate of University of Queensland and as a psychologist has over 30 years' experience working both in private practice and as a consultant in corporate settings.  Apart from private practice she has worked extensively with the mining industry (including indigenous and cross cultural relations), corporate sector, local government, Australian Defence Force, and schools.  From her experience both in Australia and overseas, Sharyn offers expert care and support in many areas.  She is a warm and compassionate therapist who uses evidence based cognitive therapy techniques to assist adults of all ages with a range of mental health presentations.

Sharyn is registered as a psychologist in Australia with her practice now located totally within Samford Village.  She is a recognised Medicare provider with respect to both Mental Health Care Plans and Pregnancy Support Counselling.  

Treatment Philosophy

Sharyn is a firm believer in the therapeutic value of establishing a trusting and respectful relationship with her patient. With a holistic, non-judgmental and gentle approach, she focuses her efforts on getting to understand the patient prior to formulating a treatment plan. Her approach is collaborative and thorough, exploring a patient’s biological, psychological and social factors before determining the next best step.  

Sharyn treats most adult mental health illnesses.  As a trained and accredited Medicare Pregnancy Support Counsellor she has a special interest in women’s mental health, including those patients in the peri- and post- partum stages. She enjoys working with patients of various cultural backgrounds. She has expertise in working with patients with various conditions, including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues,  and trauma. She also strives to improve the quality of life for patients who are suffering from serious medical illnesses or who are recovering from injury. 

Sharyn Ferris
Samford Psychologist



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